We've listed some links below, which we hope you will find helpful. If you can't find the answer to a question that you have, please don't hesitiate to ask our friendly teams on site!

Wi-Fi Everywhere

The Wi-Fi service for students and staff at the University of Brighton is eduroam.  It allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to access the internet at other participating organisations that they visit.

The same username and password can be used at all institutions, which means that if you've used eduroam at one site, you are ready to use it at any other participating institution you visit. There should be no need to change settings on laptops or mobile devices.

If you use eduroam you are agreeing to the conditions of use of eduroam UK and the local site. Make sure you understand these conditions.

The UoB Visitor Wi-Fi is only for temporary guest use and has much lower capacity so staff and students will receive much faster and more secure connections with eduroam.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • Select eduroam from the list of available networks on your device and then enter your eduroam username (in the form username@brighton.ac.uk - e.g. abc123@brighton.ac.uk This is not your email address, replace abc123 with your username​​​​​​​) and enter your normal university password.
  • You may be warned or asked to trust/accept our security certificate, which should be named authenticate.brighton.ac.uk. Anything else is not valid. If this is correct, then click continue/connect/trust/accept if asked.
  • Apple mobiles - if your device appears to be stuck at this point, with a spinning wheel, tap the 'eduroam' connection and check the certificate - click on Accept.
  • TIP: You can use the eduroam CAT site to get your device ready for eduroam before you arrive on campus. 

Problems Connecting to Wi-Fi

The  eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (eduroam CAT) will set your device up for you. Visit the eduroam CAT site to automatically configure your device.

You can do this before you arrive on campus.

If you continue to have problems, use the links below to find information for your device

TroubleshootingMacsWindows Mobile DeviceWindows Desktop or LaptopiOS DevicesAndroid DevicesChromebooks

If you live in university halls you have the option of using a cable to connect to the university network, which will give you a faster and more consistent connection.


Acceptable use of eduroam

Eduroam use is subject to the JANET Eduroam(uk) policies set out on the JISC website.All users of the University of Brighton IT facilities are governed by the University of Brighton Information Systems regulations​.